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Interior Design

Over the years AN Ventures has gained perfection in delivering Architecture and Interior designs that define Life perspectives. Our unique play for colour symmetry, and interior decor crafts unique indoor and outdoor Space, and infrastructures. Bring out the life from Inside the mind and paint the space all around, make it speak for you.

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Home Interiors in Thiruvananthapuram

Space Planning

The fundamental element of the interior design process is the Space Planning. Starting with an in-depth analysis on the usage of space, our designers defines zones and draws up a plan of the activities and circulation/movement patterns that will take place in those zones. Our service stretches to implementing the detailed plan by adding furniture, equipment and the placement of hardware and appliances.

Interior Design

We believe in the art and science of enhancing the lives of our clients by creating ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing spaces for them to live in. We undertake the planning, research, coordination and management of interior designing projects including along conceptual development, space planning, site inspection, sourcing of design elements, communication and execution of the design.

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Wall Painting

We offer home painting services and expert consultation on colors, materials and budget and our highly skilled experts undertake the painting jobs of your home. Our promise is to deliver a swift and satisfying experience as per your preferred timeline

Furniture setting

If quick and convenient assembly and mounting of your furniture was there forever in your checklist, find it checked with us. Our offering is to help you with our range of value services in assembling, dissembling and setting your dream home.

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Art Installation – Office Interior Designers in Trivandrum

Our artisans who could install your preciously profound and savored art works at your office spaces, private homes on temporary or permanent basis. From packing, transporting to physical installation, just let us know our office interior designers in Trivandrum what is that you are looking for.

Interior Decoration

A house that speaks some style and uplifts the owner’s personality is every house owner’s dream. Interior decoration/design, when tastefully done, is something that can transform a mere building into your sweet home. It helps you achieve completeness and a lifestyle that is personal and routine to you and your family. This understanding is what makes us the experts in designing and creating spaces fit for healthier and happier living.

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Interior Reconfiguration/Redesign

Your house might have been going on in a particular arrangement of design for years now and you would have started feeling stagnant to its aesthetic, if so, we are ready to your rescue! Our decoration consultation services would take care of your existing furnishings, art and accessories as needed to create an inviting and fresher outlook to dramatically change the looks of your home interiors in Thiruvananthapuram
in just hours!

Shower Partition

Shower Enclosure has become an integral part of the Modern Bathroom. Besides serving the functional purpose of separating wet & dry areas it gives elegance and style to the Bathroom. It takes the aesthetic of the bathroom to the next level. Shower Enclosure makes the bathroom dry, hygienic and safe. Restricting the water inside the wet room only, shower enclosures keep the entire bathroom dry, thus making it bacteria free and hygienic. Shower Enclosures reduce the chances of slippery danger making a bathroom safe. Space has become the most precious commodity in cities today and a shower enclosure helps save space. Modern Bathroom has 3 specific areas: Basin Area, Water closet area and Shower Area. A Corner standard size Shower Area like 1m x 1m or 1.2 m x 1.2 m helps serve all the functional requirements of the bathroom. With its functional benefits, shower enclosures have become a need of every bathroom today.

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